Future students, eureka math

Posted on September 23, 2017


A person interested in prepping for the assessment came in… and the “I can’t help my kids do their homework!” comment happened.   “They don’t have a text! HOw are we supposed to help them?”   They would just go on the INternet and “Google the answers, but that’s not very good,” (and yes, usually somebody’s posted answers for most programs, searchably) and  oh, Khan Academy wasn’t any good at all.    Oh, and it’s Eureka Math.  It was sprung on them; implied was that teachers were also feeling underprepared for the change.

  The person in question had travelled half an hour to get to Champaign so… Rantoul?   I don’t know.  However, we have the internet!   Hadn’t occurred to them to specifically search for parent resources for Eureka Math … which is what I did, with results.   I have really liked what I’ve seen of their materials.

Which will win?  Googling the answers or digging around for real help?   I suspect this is an example of good resources in an underfunded school system. Nobody has the hours to make sure people are getting the right kind of help.  If they take data it’s probably going to look bad:   something tells me googling and finding the answers won’t translate to improvement on most assessments….   but it won’t be Eureka Math, it’ll be the implementation behind that.

Okay, I let myself spend 5 minutes searching and — in 2015 the Chicago  Tribune  wrote up district U46 and parents concerned about Eureka Math   and similar issues.

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