Little coding gems

Posted on September 22, 2017


Yesterday I hung out at an online presentation about the  “Mathematics of Empathy,”   which described the potential for mathematics instruction to include more attention to the humans in the world (as in, all of ’em), and attention to ways which we (usually unintentionally)  stifle learners, and the role that varying degrees of trauma play in students’ academic lives… at least that’s what I got from it between students 🙂   At one glance there were 27 folks attending the session.  (I have a link to the recording but my email address is in the online address.)

Today I got an email saying I could get “Evidence of Completion” for professional development units if I were an Illinois educator.   I educate in Illinois but don’t need CPDUs…

That email had a link to the educolor website and I clicked to subscribe to the newsletter — and nothing happened… well, except now when I hovered over the button a red circle-with-slash was there.   Do what now?   … and then about 10 seconds later “You’ve been subscribed!”  I *love* that they built in what to do with slow computers into the code.  I resolve to spend some tiem with Javascript and Geogebra this weekend, tho’ I also resolved to ride at least one more Saturday morning… especially since some other tweet or FB blurb regaled in “saying goodbye to JAVA!”   which I infer means… it’s all HTML5/CSS/JAVASCRIPT any more.

Let’s see what I can *get carved* this day…

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