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Posted on September 21, 2017


So… exponents and variables and … zero power.   It’s a “touch base on this” section in pre-Algebra, nothing huge or convoluted (and I don’t *think* negative powers).

It just might stick.   Things squared?  Write it out as this times itself until you don’t have to.   Zero power?  write it out as base/base  which is one.    (2a + b)^0?   “But that’s got …” (Student points to complication… have I mentioned this is a student whose first response almost always involves visual and kinesthetic thinking, not verbal?   Not that there’s any such thing as learning styles, of course.)    Then  …  writes it out as a fraction and “it’s 1.”   We go over the ‘verbal’ part.   Anything to the zero power is 1.

This also worked for the 6a^0   … 6 dot a/a … six times 1… 6.

(No, I wouldn’t make everybody do this… but … this is an example of things that make a mess of symbols more cognitively accessible to a student.)


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