Open Educational Resources: it’s worth the effort

Posted on September 18, 2017


I love that teachers are sharing their enhancements to Illustrative Mathematics.   This is what the “open” in “Open Educational Resources” is all about!   The IM lessons are licensed CC-BY — “attribution.”   Everybody can use them, revise them, even use them commercially as long as credit is given.

The sharing process completely lacks any reference to this — could it possibly be included?  Depending on the context, people should be “attributing” and noting on their work of the connection to Illustrative Mathematics.

People could also be licensing *their* work as OER — and maybe directions for that could be included?   People could turn it down and skip it.

I asked this on the form itself — which I am *very* glad to say was adaptable enough to do that!  And… now it includes attribution.   Love quick responses  🙂

I’m no legal expert but if I were a teacher making an enhancement, I would be inclined to give *my* work a “CC-BY license, too.   If I’m sharing something Desmos or Geogebra, that’s probably taken care of in that process — but if I’m sharing study cards or images or slideshows that I’ve created…   tells you how to pick a license.   Then you just add — as it shows right underneath that for doing it on a website — that information to the work.   Back in the day we used to “copyright” our work and say all rights reserved.   This is almost as easy.


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