Structured vision

Posted on September 14, 2017


…. that’s what I have, eh?

Well, yesterday I *did* successfully put together “1.4”  — adding integers with the same sign number on the number line.   Next weeK  :   1.5   (adding different signs, then mixing htem up.)

THen for *my* course I”m going to follow the ORton-Gillingham principle of ‘don’t teach the confusing stuff on top of each other!”   and shift to “Parts and Wholes.” with practice interwoven so that when we do go to subtracting integers,   it’ll be more solidified.

I just did an extended interview with American INstitutes for Research,  who were the force behind the OER project I was part of in, I think,  2014.

They wanted quotes and stuff ’cause they’re presenting at the OpenEd conference in Anaheim.   They note that adult ed isn’t highly represented.  Sigh, now I want to go to Anaheim…

I’d like to see adult ed OER … have a site like oh, GitHub?  PhET?    I’d like to see fewer ‘in groups’ in OER.   No, they don’t mean to be unwelcoming but they develop their on jargon and priorities and mantras (e.g. GitHub, PhET… “Free as in puppies!”)    … and forget to talk to everybody else sometimes… which is why I  want to go to Anaheim to be present and learn more of those vocabularies and try to wear away some of the implicit biases about this level of learner and the folks who work in the venue.  Mebbe next year…

I even mentioned my dream of, say, our college becoming a hub of developing interactive educational resources.   Alas, I fear that under our current admin, it wouldn’t be OER — they’d want to seek a corporate sponsor.    (Though something like Lumen LEarning would probably be “corporate” enough… and they’re about OER…)   Imagine a course where we developed a math course using Geogebra, Desmos, and the likes of openup resources — is NROC thinking about that stuff?

Imagine if said course had resources and activities designed to get through, across and over learning barriers that students with assorted documented and undocumented “disabilities” have.  or International Dyslexia Association or … or… what say ye?

Structured ?   Could be.   Give me a chance.  And a project manager 😉