Oh, that sentence ending

Posted on September 6, 2017


The topic heading had most of the headline:

Adult education classes teach reading and math to thousands for free — including adults with di


…. and I thought, “oh… disabilities?  How are they doing it?”

but no…

… diplomas. Granted, high school diplomas, not bachelor’s degrees … and it gives their stats — 27% need remedial math, down from 36%.

How are they doing it?

Happily, “starts at the very beginning of math,…”   and then it talks about organization and logistics and that they’re not full even though they’re free and effective.  Then lots of stats about the fiscal advantages of high school diplomas/equivalencies and the need for skills beyond that because so many get that high school diploma after being “shuffled along.”

It occurs to me that they didn’t talk about amazing technology that they were using … 🙂 They *do* mention that some of the students have learning disabilities, or were told to just use their calculators.

adult education article St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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