We’re rolling…

Posted on September 1, 2017


Friday, end of “week two.”   Labor Day holiday Monday.

Yes, people post online and say “I’m teaching ___ for the first time this year — anybody have a curriculum?”

Would I want to be in that class?   (Would I want to teach in that school?)

It’s not raining in Houston… 50 inches, folks…

Now to my “necessary — possible — dreams” list!

But first:  ALEKS Facts drills —  I was pleasantly surprised when they included a preliminary “just enter the number” so that people wouldn’t be penalized for motor/typing skills or equipment issues.

However, it’s a lame lame excuse for a program.   All that positive feedback and the “learning pie” stuff that’s in the rest of the lessons?  Nope.  None of that.   You just get 10 minutes of drill.   As soon as you take too long to answer a question, it STOPS!   and then you start again.   No, there’s no extra practice in the one you missed.  No, there’s no feedback on your progress.   Good grief, Pearson, go to mathisfun.com and learn a thing or two — if you miss one there or take to long, you *have to type in the right answer* before you can continue.   It gives you the right answer to type in, but you have to type it in.   Oh, and you pick how many minutes the session is… and how long you get to answer.   You can pick “all day” if you want.

Now to get unit 4 rolling…


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