Friday II

Posted on September 1, 2017


Urgh!   SHould probably “not hit send” on Fridays… griped a bit to the Open Up Resources folks because hey, now it’s “open” to everybody — I had gone through lots of machinations to get access to the “pre-” version (and then didn’t get time to look things over, tho’ it was ‘sample’ lessons so it didn’t cohere).

Well, now it’s out and “open” to everybody!   Well, open *if* you … go through all the same machinations again.   What’s your school district?  What is your role?  as usual, I’m “other,” thank you…

Seems it’s really just automated ’cause I instantly got access.  (Of course, I don’t know for sure, but I *think* “dot edu” was my key.)

The first lessons look really nice … though the “what to do for people with disabilities” are generic (” break it down more ” or “use a graphic organizer.”)
… and that’s the cool part about “open.”  Somebody like me … can come up with specifics.   Add it to the to do list 🙂   (by the way, the “necessary/ possible/ dreaming!” thing worked well this week.   I got the necessaries done and … rendered a ‘dream’ possible. More importantly, I could dive to that file and instantly prioritize, and send that follow-up email I’d have forgotten about.)

They’re “CC-BY” even — really really open.  I could say “add them to our official online course” and there’s no “will that be deemed ‘commercial use’ ” issue.

Now 24 minutes left in the day an dall necessaries are done so I can do the possible “make a cool vertical number line” in GIMP.

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