Guess it’s working…

Posted on August 16, 2017


I consciously tuned into the “anticipation of NEW SCHOOL YEAR” vibes and… last night had a full blown anxiety dream (helped I’m sure by the horrifyingly ominous news events).   I enrolled in a full load of classes here…  got to that first one and I was supposed to hand out the day’s assignment which meant I was juggling the papers when I should have been figuring out what to do and I couldn’t. After class, I looked at my schedule and I was taking courses which are ridiculous but were only puzzling in the dream.   I was sort of trying to go along with the course, thinking “you’re the teacher, you’re supposed to know what you’re doing” while knowing it really wasn’t working out that way, and had dropped said course before waking up.  (Yes, I tend to solve stuff in my “anxiety dreams.”)

So, which of these projects that I can’t really do right because I’m juggling the paperwork should I drop?   (Yes, my dreams tend to have obvious, direct connections to my day.)

It’ll drop itself… D2L is still calling and Canvas — the “new quiz stuff” now is probably going to be released in … January.

Okay, world, don’t get all stupid on me while I’m working…