Roller Coaster’s started!

Posted on August 14, 2017


The “session” listening to admins tell us how it’s going to be a great year is done.   Boy-howdy, are they all 100% focused on the almighty dollar.   The positives were in terms of “we got this many dollars in grants!”  “We saved this many dollars with…”   It’s up to us to keep things human but it can be a challenge.   ‘Nuff said on a public blog.

Back in the office and committing to help train studnets & staff on accessibility/productivity  software and starting to juggle things and seeing David Wees’ twitter about a “Quiz Banker” — bunch of sample Regents questions uploaded as Google Docs.

Yea, second question I clicked on had a typo.   I duly noted that I’d be great at editing math content for 2 days but… actually, *if* I were creating it I’d be able to do it indefinitely — hyperlexia can really come in handy sometimes.   I asked — Equatio was used for some of the questions, though I’m not so concerned with math people using it as … it being so easy a cognitively overloaded student can use it.  (Still not sure how to make the “motor memory” thing happen on a computer where they change mixed to improper automatically w/0 knowing what any of the steps really are…)


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