Picture progression

Posted on August 13, 2017



Whereas, I searched around for nice posters, visuals, etc.  about subtracting with borrowing.   5 minus a fourth.

I found lots of examples of varying degrees of appeal.

All of them were all numbers and symbols.   None of them did that “concrete to abstract” transition.   In my experience (the phrase I put in when I really want to say “DON’T WE KNOW BETTER BY NOW???”)… we need to go back and make that connection far more often!

So… today’s doodles.



That’s the pictures…   (Yes.  I’m duly noting that my version is still pretty abstract — I could have gone with the old “pizzas” or “pies” thing.   My gut says that they’ve seen that so many times that they file it in a different drawer and don’t get it out when confronted with the numbers.)
Here’s the “symbols” version which probably really isn’t as good as some of the other ones out there.