Digital LEarning and Adult Basic Ed

Posted on August 12, 2017


Digital LEarning and Adult Ed: What works?

Tech changes so fast that it’s really hard for “what works” research to keep up but that link is to some research on “digital learning” and adult ed for basic math and literacy.  (YAY!!!  SOmebody is talking about this!!!)

The Executive Summary includes this:

For developers and vendors of digital ABE products
• To ensure that all students can access the instructional content, particularly struggling readers, scaffold the text with audio and video presentations.
• To encourage and motivate student progress, provide immediate and meaningful
feedback, hints, access to solution steps (particularly in math), recommendations for
when to seek instructors’ help, and encouragement for persistence to help prevent
frustration among struggling learners.
• To support blended learning models and to keep instructors invested in students’ work in the online environment, make the content modular so that programs and instructors can better integrate product use into the existing curriculum and with direct instruction.
• To help motivate instructors and students to use the product, make sure the content is aligned with all current ABE standards and competency exams.
• To ensure instructors leverage the information in the student progress dashboards,
provide training specifically on their use as well as online resources and teaching models
to demonstrate how the dashboards can be used to support students and inform the
instructor’s direct instruction.
• Provide sites with a variety of models of use to support a range of student types and program goals. Most students can learn online and independently with proper
monitoring, coaching, and motivating factors.

… okay… tomorrow I’ll digest that… right now I still have three quizzes to finish… though it seems ALEKS worked well.

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