Focus free Friday ;)

Posted on August 11, 2017


Okay, not totally… but late getting out to ride, and still working on the very first question to turn into MathML (and wondering whether it’s a complete waste of time).   Well, not complete b/c it means I’m going through each and every question.

Decided that it wasn’t lazy to fail to put in the “misconception mistakes” as options for the multiple guess practice.   If you add your fractions across and that’s not one of the choices — that’s your clue, *right there,* that you need to think a little more.  AS in, you might learn something while you’re “taking the test.”

(ONe of my regulars said she said “Sue would tell you THINK!!!”on her final.   I *hope* it was a good thing — an anxiety piercer and no … she didn’t have her grade yet… her friend  did, who got a 98.64  on the final.  YES.   And the teacher made a deal of it in front of the class in a good way.   One of those “Disney moments” like DUmbo flying that we need to make happen more often and no, participation trophies ain’t what I’m talking about.  I mean experiences where owning your learning *works* and you are scared, but achieve something and all those success hormones get released…)