Posted on August 10, 2017


So!   Whilst with ALEKS students get walked through entering fractions… and yes, Connect can do it, too, it seems none of the LMS’s that teachers can use have that facility.  A student can’t answer with a mixed number; it’s “what is the whole number, what is the numerator, what is the denominator?”

Also.   Here I am changing images to Math DL for accessibility — but the ‘accessibility watchdog’ NOW flags the equation as an image with no alt text.    I guess the “bright side” would be that if I find out how to satisfy that (is there something in my cut and paste that got left out?)  I can just ask the accessibility watchdog to take me through the thousand or so “images” to fix them.  Sigh.

And definitely the “D2L community” is harder to navigate and less active than Canvas.   I think I’ll put on my list to try this MathDL stuff in Canvas to see if it gets the same flags…