Math Summit ONline

Posted on August 1, 2017


Christina Toldevold is doing what I’ve wanted to happen — a totally amazing online conference / summit with all those people I follow on Twitter — the #MTBOS math twitter blog-o-sphere.   Okay, half of ’em.   (THe other half are really K-2, tho’ I  do want to see the “stuff with number lines” session.  )    I just wish I could amp the speed to 1.25 or 1.5 🙂    The sessions so far *get right to good stuff* — better than most actual “conferences.”

It’s $39/ month to get in the “community” (468 annual membership — so not a better deal!)  but she lists that it’s not for me if I’m a middle school teacher which is interesting.  I *think* she’s trying to say “no, we’re not trying to be everything and it’s mostly elementary.”   Lots of the folks at this summit, though,  share their thoughts *and materials* as … let me think now… “free as in …”  not beer, not puppies, which the Open Ed Resources people explore as analogies (I think because free beer is  usually awful stuff and puppies take a lot of work, but it is an insider-y enough group so I’m not sure)… oh, for now I’ll call it “free as in potluck.” Sharing is expected.

I got two more lessons done on the “course” and the goal is to have the first 3 chapters usable in two weeks which is achievable without it being an all-consuming effort (hence time to blog).  Time to get stuff to share 🙂


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