Levels and culture.

Posted on July 31, 2017


So, putting people in “groups” by what they need to learn can be “hard on self-esteem.”

Therefore… we shouldn’t do it.

However, I know in most cycling clubs, there are different level rides.

What are some differences?

Perhaps the biggest one is that the word “ability” isn’t usually part of the description.   Speed and endurance are, with the implication that whatever group you’re in, you can work towards a better one.

That’s for the competitive folks.  There’s a bunch of folks who are perfectly happy riding at “Level 1.”

Yes, there’s some old fashioned, unhealthy snottiness from some people in faster groups, but nobody says we should do away with different kinds of rides. There are special rides to focus on learning different kinds of things.  There are different kinds of riding.

Just sayin’ 🙂  #mtbos