Svenstock and #MTBOS

Posted on July 28, 2017


There is this debate on Twitter about the name #MTBOS — “twitter blog o sphere.”      Seems some people think it connotes an exclusive “secret handshake” kind of group.  And oh, you are not worthy if you only tweet. And  one of the “bigwigs” tells us we need to listen to those people and everybody says we should listen to Dan because … well, because he knows all the secret handshakes?   Can we say irony?

I find this fascinating.   To me “math twitter blog o sphere” is free form and generic — it’s about math, and it’s on a blog or  twitter.   As “not a math teacher but I teach a lot of math” I feel much more included than something like ‘teachmath.’

Then I read that this tweet is part of it: “Seems a growing percentage of /big hitters/ are visible within NCTM.”   and speculation on which inspired the other.

NCTM is paywall central, missionary math.   THey do lots of amazing things but …    I’ve gotten links to so many amazing freely shared resources and ideas from #MTBOS.  I don’t care whether I’m “worthy” or not.  Why do I need to be a “big hitter”???

I went to twitter because I took third prize in the #mtt2k contest.  I wanted to see what other folks doing that kind of thing were talking about and … they used #mtbos.   Like #mtt2k and SvenStock — it’s easily searchable and doesn’t bring up other stuff 🙂   Svenstock is a music festival happening next week in Sadorus with local bands and camping.

Yea, #mtt2k doesn’t convey what it means, either.   YOu know what?     I think I am capable of asking “what does that mean?”  and using that information.   I’m willing to accept if… that’s no longer true, and … that  *if* people feel excluded, we should address that (because it’s not what you think you’re conveying – it’s what people are hearing).  I’m not sure the name has anything to do with it.  I think NCTM people may just be wanting to absorb #MTBOS.

The whole discussion does make me feel very much … like Lucy Lurker.   Enough not to spend more time thinking about it and … go look at some math lessons! Today’s ride had me thinking code thoughts.  “Knows and does…” THink I”m just going to have to go there 😉


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