Posted on July 26, 2017


Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I

Oh, I know, I know, experts try to cram too much stuff in every lesson.

Still, I just got an alert about a video about photosynthesis and it was that elegant summary of its equation.  Carbondioxide and Water … sprinkle in some solar energy (actually, just “light”), and you get glucose and oxygen, voila!!

This made me recall the research w/ Ivy League graduates, wherein most of them had some major misconceptions about some “basic” science.   Minds of Our Own  delves into it… seems when asked where the wood in a tree came from and choices:   air, sun, dirt, water… most people didn’t say air.

We were asked that in a conference to show off those new “clicker” thingies back when they were new… I remembered sitting in that 8:00 a.m. Plant Physiology course in awe, thinking about … combining C02 from… THE AIR!!! and it turning into A PLANT.  Like, atoms rearranging!   Electrons doing wild and crazy things!  ADP… ATP… so I was in that minority that got it right — as were the folks at my table when we were allowed to discuss it.

So I watched this two minute special and … yes, I remember being amazed that plants inhaled what we exhale and exhale what we inhale and that’s cool and balances things out.. but kinda think it should be tossed in there that “hey, the glucose can be combined with those same kinds of chemical reactions with other elements to make the actual fiber and leaves and roots that are the plant.”   The idea that it just … makes glucose… doesn’t do it justice.

I also remember being surprised that oh, plants had to burn energy to live, too, in one of those d’oh moments… so not all of that oxygen was given to us animal types…

And The STudent In Question placed where needed, and the other Student in Question passed the summer math class and can go on and get that certificate.  Hooray 🙂

Now back to lessons…

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