Images and text

Posted on July 26, 2017


The part of me that wanted explanations has won out 🙂   I redid the “forks and fourths.”

I wanted the forks a little bigger, too.

Now it’s time to put this aside, though… it’s free for the taking, and when (not if, when) I get a good page on my site for this I’ll be linking madly with the CC-BY stuff clear.   I still don’t want the images cluttered w/ the rights icons.

I’ve decided it’s not a “trick” at all since the principle behind it is that the denominator is a name, and just as we keep the same name with forks, we keep the same name with fourths.

And I got another lesson done (of the 51) and it’s not even noon 🙂  I’m perversely proud of the forks.

forks and fourths.png