N= N+ 1 acceleration

Posted on July 25, 2017



“Instead of a lengthy process of completing developmental courses, the STEM Core challenges lower-level math students with an accelerated two-semester program combining multiple higher-level math classes with real-world technical training, computer programming, hands-on experience, and paid internships at partner employers.”

Wow.   A person without the skills to *place* into higher level math is taking multiple courses while they’re getting technical training etc. etc. etc.

(Editing after re-read)They say 65 % progressed to “Calculus Ready ” (as opposed to 4% before this amazing intervention).  Okay, now I’m wondering about subtle screening processes and who’s eligible for it, as well as the definition of “calculus ready.”

I have successfully resisted cruising what came up when I searched wordpress blogs for “arithmetic.”   However, it would be an interesting set of data…

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