Fast Track Math N+1 push

Posted on July 17, 2017


“It is going to take a student about 16 hours, and if they can put that kind of time and dedication in, we think they will see a vast improvement,” said Beth Brewer, math lab coordinator and director of developmental education at Northwest-Shoals.

It’s cool that they’re getting students in and in the habit of dedicating a big ol’ chunk of time to math.

“”We have a sophisticated program that lets us individualize for each person,” Brewer said. “One person may need practice on a certain set of skills, and the next person may have seven other areas they need help in. The learning paths for each student are developed from the diagnostic test. ”

I will bet oh, $100 that well, actually, the paths are essentially the same, and they’re procedural, and the “sophisticated” part is starting at a different point and having … well,  their other developmental math is with Math Lab which as I recall, is also procedure, procedure, procedure.. and it is sophisticated.   It still makes me sad that math is this thing you cram so you can do better on a test and it’s not supposed to make sense.   No, it didn’t say that overtly but I’d bet another hunnert bucks that that’s the approach.  (I’d be so happy if I were wrong that it would be worth the hunnert bucques…)

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