Posted on July 13, 2017


I have decided to keep track of the stuff I’m learning in GIMP and perhaps share it with people (and at least have a trail I can go back to when I can’t remember something).  Could there be collaborating teachers making things like cool images? Or is the learning curve not worth it?

First thing I can’t find is a video that does an actual walk-through of downloading it. I’m hoping because it’s that uneventful. Even my favorite “GimpTricks” site has as the intro … what you see after downloading.

Three sites about teachers using it were very general and theoretical.   I want to do.

GIMP is software that is free and open source. It is a lot like Photoshop. If you’re ready to get past using your “Snipping tool” and copying and pasting (and worry a lot less about copyright issues), it’s time to download GIMP.

(put an image showing that)

Here’s a good quick video for how to navigate things.  that has the issues that frustrate me most often, which is how to get the things you want on the screen so you can use them!

In my mind, the reason to learn GIMP is that you can take one idea and use it in a million different ways.

The way to make that possible is to use layers. In GIMP, you don’t just put something on the screen. You have all the screens you want, laying on top of each other.

I tried to  make a number line with the grid.   It was an exercise in frustration.  I jumped that ship and I went to the open source “interactive number line generator”   and used that snipping tool to get something to trace.   I used lots of layers for different numbers, etc… but… in hindsight, that was actually a Job For Snipping Tool.   (Seems our computers are too old for “modes” of snipping…)   On the third hand, using GIMP I can make backgrounds go away… I’m thinking that color swapping might be a good “next lesson,” though … selecting… that’s its own learning curve…


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