Rainy days and Mondays

Posted on July 11, 2017


Go ahead and Google it — one of those “great songs of the sixties” that was really from 1971 🙂

I thought today was massively unproductive — put together 1.7 and 1.8 but I thought they were done last week and… 1.9 is exponents.  As with the multiplication… I felt the concept was too important not to have visual grounding so I’ve been wrestling with GIMP to turn what I’ve got on the wall into a “visual snapshot” of its own.

Ideas on the way home (meaning it wasn’t that unproductive, says Inner Pollyanna:   deprioritize that and make my adaptation a quiz with pictures of the “squares” included with the “evaluate” part, and slide in a few … oh, how to convey the “no, it’s not 7 x 2”  without soundling like Sal Khan???   Well, maybe Miss Conception can make her appearance but… time suck..

So… at least a picture of 7 x 2 with the bars and a big red NOT circle over it 🙂  and then a picture of the “square”

It also occurred to me that “write 4^8 without the exponents” isn’t as useful as we’d like because students automatically translate the x into + signs (I watched somebody do it last week – wrote it on paper as 4 + 4 + 4 etc…)   in that “when you’re overloaded you change it to something you understand” according to that cheat sheet mode.

Other thoughts:  I need  a team.   I was thinking of seeing whether the folks I’m going to reach out to in community or students to use our reading and math might have oh, other high schoolers or adult learners who would want to learn GIMP.  I *think* I saw a feature in GIMP to align layers which could make for some major improvements.   I really need to work on my “paths” skills, too — no, nothing curved even! Just … the rules.

Now… to try to do a teeny bit before checking on the people …


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