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Levels and culture.

July 31, 2017


So, putting people in “groups” by what they need to learn can be “hard on self-esteem.” Therefore… we shouldn’t do it. However, I know in most cycling clubs, there are different level rides. What are some differences? Perhaps the biggest one is that the word “ability” isn’t usually part of the description.   Speed and […]

Svenstock and #MTBOS

July 28, 2017


There is this debate on Twitter about the name #MTBOS — “twitter blog o sphere.”      Seems some people think it connotes an exclusive “secret handshake” kind of group.  And oh, you are not worthy if you only tweet. And  one of the “bigwigs” tells us we need to listen to those people and […]

Canvas LMS

July 26, 2017


Being reminded of the annoyances of Canvas.   Why does it insist on changing an answer to 5.0  when the answer is 5? It’s also … the golden opportunity for me to Learn JavaScript Properly, since to make something disappear it has to be a <div> … now to see if I can find where I […]

Images and text

July 26, 2017


The part of me that wanted explanations has won out 🙂   I redid the “forks and fourths.” I wanted the forks a little bigger, too. Now it’s time to put this aside, though… it’s free for the taking, and when (not if, when) I get a good page on my site for this I’ll […]


July 26, 2017


Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I Oh, I know, I know, experts try to cram too much stuff in every lesson. Still, I just got an alert about a video about photosynthesis and it was that elegant summary of its equation.  Carbondioxide and Water … sprinkle in some solar energy (actually, just “light”), and […]

N= N+ 1 acceleration

July 25, 2017

0 “Instead of a lengthy process of completing developmental courses, the STEM Core challenges lower-level math students with an accelerated two-semester program combining multiple higher-level math classes with real-world technical training, computer programming, hands-on experience, and paid internships at partner employers.” Wow.   A person without the skills to *place* into higher level math is […]

Images R Not Really Us

July 24, 2017


Yes, this is definitely in the “trick” category but it’s to keep from going down a path one has been down so many times before.  I got to watch this happen this morning…  reverting back to adding across, top and bottom… but it’s in the “so goofy it might stick” category. Part Two:    Okay, […]