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Posted on June 27, 2017


Thinking about the kiddo who came in who hadn’t had math in 10 years… time to make this thing happen and get a degree… who surmised that 76/80 was 96 percent because   60/80 was 75 percent.

Stopped math after sophomore year but “yea, I was good at it, people asked me for help.”

It remains to be seen whether S can translate what he knows about the fives and tens into … 19 out of 20… which I explained was what happened when  you simplified 76/80 so he could fix that… and I *think*  that … S really got the logic of “four times as many slices on the bottom, you need four times as many on the top.”   I am hoping wildly that I can lure S into wanting to understand and manipulate operations like that 🙂   I *almost* wish S had to take Math Literacy because … yes, S would probably get a ton out of it like my man who took it  Just Because He Wanted To Know Stuff.

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