Chipping, chipping

Posted on June 21, 2017


… Whereas I do want to infuse that “multiple representations” idea and
whereas, the Modumath lessons have a token question or two asking which addition problem is represented by some arrows on a number line and I didn’t include that in my quick intro,

I’ll do another two minute special with number lines, number bars and Chris Woodin-style domino icons, and reflect back to 1983 when I was inscribing on index cards from the articles I obtained in the stacks at the library that Zbigniew Semdadeni  (the whole paper’s here .   ) had a “multiple embodiment principle” and students should work with new ideas in different contexts.    What goes ’round, comes ’round and now it’s about “multiple representations” as parts of the “routines for reasoning.”

… and I found a Sal Khan kind of error where I blithely stated that 5 + 0 was 0… except, unlike Sal, I’m gonna go fix it… alas, no luck finding the original powerpoint! Nice thing about 2 minute specials is … it’s not 3 hours of work to redo…

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