Break over!

Posted on June 19, 2017


(When I was a lifeguard at little apartment pools, we called the “adult swims” what they really were — breaks for the kids to get out of the water.   We didn’t call them religiously on the hour — and the kiddos usually figured out that they’d get called if they started getting cranky with each other… and 12 minutes later, “Break’s over!” and they could leap back in…)

Spent a nice week riding bicycles in the heat and wind.  Back at work and classes have begun 🙂   I have not been grumpy… vacations are good 😉   Student in this a.m. prepping for assessment test and … 5/7 x 56.   Based on the “explanation,” which was a picture of the cross canceling process, 8 was the answer.   I did a quick number line sketch to try to convey the idea of “1/7 of 56” and… it wasn’t enough.  “I don’t get it.”   I debated making a better number line or … resorting to procedure… but in that four seconds student was thinking about breaking 56 into piles of 7.   So… 1/7 was one of those piles — the “8” and … a few hand motions… 5/7 was 40.    This person knows what division is 🙂

Now, why can’t the “explanation” in ALEKS have what she knew to visualize?   Animation would be even better.   BEtter get back on my cloak of divisibility 🙂

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