Alligators to the contrary

Posted on June 9, 2017


allthreegreaterlessthanequalsGravityI know, I know, students are fond of the alligator always chomping the greater number.

Still, I wanted to feature Casey/Gravity 🙂   It behaved rather oddly — the greater than text layer switched to a mirror image of itself… then the dogs switched… I’ve observed with things visual or mechanical that my first attempts are usually backwards and upside down…

… and I made the images separately and then plopped them on to Word and used snipping tool.   (Now the Person Who’s Actually Taken Design Classes wants to reverse the puppies so that it’s always opening wider to … his big backside? but NO… there are 51 lessons to work on… and Canvas…)

Also don’t have time to stamp CC-BY or CC-0 on it but anybody can use it, have it, modify it…