Delightful distractions

Posted on June 6, 2017


… think tomorrow I’ll go off line to do the crunch work of organizing the first two lessons of the 51. Today I commented on the most recent mathispower4u upload and struck up conversation.
I hadn’t seen “bar model” for percentages, though I had thought it (debating between vertical and horizontal), without that name, as an extension of the number line idea, showing proportionality. Line up your “40” against the 0-100 to say … this out of forty is equivalent to what out of 100? I’m thinking if it were vivid enough, then the connection of “percent” and “100” just might lock in, which doesn’t happen for too many folks šŸ˜¦
Googling “bar model” led to another direct conversation about math and OER and the MTBOS … which led me to dig down and find the lovely introduction to “Creating OER and Combining Licenses – Full” video to share as an introduction to OER. It also led me to “Mathbff” which probably isn’t open and is all higher math where a young lady explains the unit circle to you as a “necessary evil,” and how to memorize it.
… and then students! We were actually busy – 7 students in here just before lunch, working on essays and math and what have you… and… it’s 5:00…

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