Why I want to look at Illustrative Math

Posted on June 2, 2017


I just growled on Twitter about the teasers at Illustrative Math … I’ve done a webinar on it, and perused the website which acts as if it … already exists. It’s full of “it’s wonderful!” … Then I try to look it over and — oh, well, no. That form to fill out is full of “and what school district are you the administrator for?” and well, erm, it’s not really published YET.
If you already know me at all, stop reading and go do something productive 🙂

I’m nobody. (Who are you?) I try to help college students figure out math. Most of the available resources for college students are a lousy fit for the folks I work with.
So … I’m always looking for materials that are designed for building confidence and conceptual knowledge, as opposed to “let’s practice these procedures a few hundred more times, so you can pass that test.”
Oh, and so are lots of other people. Adult ed has no budget but lots of demand.
Now, I LOVE that “getting it out there fast!” is not a priority. One of the big reasons stuff doesn’t fit my students is that so much of it is still buggy and error-ridden. “Production before Perfection,” indeed. However, if you’re going to go out on twitter and say “hey, what do you think of thsi program?” when it’s something I’d *love* to look over but have not been deemed worthy of the privilege, I’m going to growl a bit.
And now I’m going to get back to GIMP and making my own math movies. I’m really very almost where I can go back to Canvas and work on the “number sense and adding fluently” which, by the way, I’ve put out in the open for anybody to play with, with caveat that no, they’re not ready for student use. Nobodies can do that 🙂

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