Posted on June 2, 2017


Yesterday I got a notification on the corner of the screen that there was a Canvas Live thing happening.

TOday I found a neat YouTube video about number lines and subscribed and went in to see what else was uploaded.

Oh, my, people — myself included — really should organize videos into playlists. I’d thought of it as “a list of things you want to play, like a deejay!” Well, if I have a “Modumath Supplemental Videos” playlist, then a person could click there for access to all of them. Since this is object-oriented, the list just points at them — so the same video can be in different places. I wouldn’t have to wander through “Teaching phonics through CVC” (though no surprise this person who makes a good video for math would be a person who knows from CVC 😛 ).

The Canvas video about it… and WikiHow cutting to the chase

… it’s on my “possible” list, though. “Necessary” is getting these videos and quizzes done.

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