Conceptual Frontloading… how much?

Posted on June 2, 2017


I’m working number line lessons, interrupted by reviewing this “Synthesis of IES-Funded Research on
Mathematics: 2002–2013
” which states that it’s better to do more with fractions on number lines, dudes, and less of that whole “parts of a pizza” thing.
I know students find the number line stuff in ALEKS wicked hard. I wonder if a little color enhancement (showing spaces in alternating colors?) would help, and may inquire of my graphic designer.
Speaking of that, I wonder if parts of *quantities* would be a reasonable bridge, since huge light bulbs went on when I drew those lines on that cup that had been drawn. The 0 to 1 on the cup were their own number line, after all… but it was also a very visual “objecty” thing.
The trick is to do that thing Dave Bock did so well in Java I — show the deeper concept around a simpler framework and *not* go all off on a harder tangent… but emphasize (and repeat) the concept on that framework to make it less likely to oversimplify the framework.
So… we’ll do these number line lessons … trying to keep big ideas big… (and yes, I will link to alligator videos for greater than/ less than symbols , but I’ll have my explanation there, too…)
Technical tip to self which I hope is right: make images in GIMP of things so that screen readers can read the alt text, instead of drawing things on the slide.

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