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June 28, 2017


The BEarded Math Man is posting some videos and … oh, Sal Khan’s got nothin’ on him : )   “Binomial reproduction” is one approach to factoring, with the analogy to “who’s the father?”  to figure out “where did this come from?”   If I were an adolescent I’d be luvvin’ it.   (Now, it […]

Intuitive stuf

June 27, 2017


Thinking about the kiddo who came in who hadn’t had math in 10 years… time to make this thing happen and get a degree… who surmised that 76/80 was 96 percent because   60/80 was 75 percent. Stopped math after sophomore year but “yea, I was good at it, people asked me for help.” It […]


June 26, 2017


I really do oft reflect happily about our Math courses being taught for understanding, and speculate that I’d find another job if they weren’t. Summer courses… ugh.   Tech math so they’re allowed to use calculators for everything, including algebra problems like z/2 – 2/3 = -1/3z + 1/6 .   No, there’s no context […]

Ten Frames.

June 22, 2017


Hey, I could show the awesome ten frames activity from Illuminations — and the person in question is young enough so that the discreet but devastating declaration that this is a pre-k-2 skill isn’t a factor. Dudes.   Why not have the activity on its own page?   (Answer:   my students are like bicycle […]

Chipping, chipping

June 21, 2017


… Whereas I do want to infuse that “multiple representations” idea and whereas, the Modumath lessons have a token question or two asking which addition problem is represented by some arrows on a number line and I didn’t include that in my quick intro, I’ll do another two minute special with number lines, number bars […]

Break over!

June 19, 2017


(When I was a lifeguard at little apartment pools, we called the “adult swims” what they really were — breaks for the kids to get out of the water.   We didn’t call them religiously on the hour — and the kiddos usually figured out that they’d get called if they started getting cranky with […]

Alligators to the contrary

June 9, 2017


I know, I know, students are fond of the alligator always chomping the greater number. Still, I wanted to feature Casey/Gravity 🙂   It behaved rather oddly — the greater than text layer switched to a mirror image of itself… then the dogs switched… I’ve observed with things visual or mechanical that my first attempts […]