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Posted on May 31, 2017


Made and uploaded another video — sub 3 minutes about number lines .

Other awesome link: — what a pie chart SOUNDS LIKE. As in, making them accessible, and yes, the presentation about it included that we really should reconsider whether we’re “accommodating” a “problem” somebody has. I shouldn’t get laughter when I talk about my pot luck accommodation — “special needs” accommodations should be as everyday as my bringing in bagels some other day instead of stressing over trying to cook something. Yes, it takes effort but if we can get the templates and technology rolling on it, it can be effort, not “extra effort.”

I can try to take that and adapt it to my number bars, right?

I also sent my application to be an OER curator for the “Power in Numbers” project that’s got the likes of Jo Boaler and Dan Myer as some of the “experts” on board. Since I’m not faculty (but could act like it w/ Kathy), I might not make first cut. (Well, there are probably 27 other reasons I don’t know about to not make first cut, too — but I’m delusionally optimistic.) I included that I’d be up for a different role (such as lurker :)). I’m also figuring that’s a “rough draft” for communicating with Lumen Learning, who don’t have a new “course leader” for math on their “team” page. I’ve looked at the most recent uploads from James Sousa which are about things like subtraction, and thinking that yes, they’re trying to put together something basic but as my graphic designer friend who’s helping me with things said, “no visuals! That’s not good!”

And there’s still over an hour to the day but… I have 49 and a third more Modumath lessons to supplement…

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