Sticking to print

Posted on May 27, 2017


I got an email saying my tablet was at Makerspace, and when I retrieved it voila!  My hard copy of Lower Ed was in the same bag.   I could read right away 🙂

I was also happy because I *thought* I’d downloaded the Routines for Reasoning there.  Well, no — at least I didn’t see Adobe Digital Editions… and it wasn’t there as an epub.

Julie Dirksen’s Designing for How People LEarn is, though.   Happily I have the first edition in hard print… because the epub is completely dysfunctional. Turning the page takes me backwards to a random page.   I can sometimes tap and say “go to page __”  but that only worked for 2 or 3 pages.  Oh, and the settings don’t let me zoom in.   I can use the green slider to move back and forth — not precisely though.   Different pages will say they are the same page.   FAIL>

Then we have that Adobe stuff.   First, I had to download special software with complicated installation directions — and then download the book… and each fail counts as a “download” so … yea, I used up my six downloads pretty quickly, on the same device.   I do have two working copies now on this one — though it takes *about a minute* to open.

Kindle works pretty well — but … Amazon is like Walmart … I don’t like ’em.. and even downloading PDFs for stuff — in print. pages are bigger.   I wonder if  there’s some odd neurology network thing that happens and processes the earlier and later stuff if it’s still visible while reading the stuff right in front of the face.

Now back to making math videos…



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