Conceptual frontloading

Posted on May 26, 2017


I have posted about the way we learned about variables in Java and how the name wasn’t the variable itself, but it was the address for where the information lived.   HOw in this challenging course our instructor drew things all over the board and physically acted out handing a card to a student because that address was the party at his house, etc.   Oh, and he did it at least five times in the year — every time it came up.

I figured out in the second semester course where the quicksand was that this kept me moving around.   I had frustrations and highly unproductive struggle during that semester – but I knew what was going to happen when I named my little objects and variables.

So:   must haul out of house onto the bike but… how can we present fractions so students don’t just “add across?”   I think we need lots and lots and lots more images…

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