Posted on May 20, 2017


… morning ride rained out but there’s an afternoon “food cruise” scheduled.   As local weather goddess, I’m expecting a window of clarity — but I’ve never been as lucky with wind as I am with rain.

Need to figure out how to do things on the computer where I have to do online without doing the rabbit hole thing.

… and reading that one of our regulars graduated 🙂   Remembering, though, conversations that were like the stories in _Lower Ed_  and how necessary financial aid was to have a roof over the head.   It meant lots and lots of motivation to succeed, but also dealing with the stress making learning not all that easy – that palpable craziness when they’re not deeply engaged or making connections… which looks to the privileged like “yes, in fact, they’re not that smart” but is a function of not being able to Just Do School.    The saddest thing is that me posting this isn’t going to give away who this was, because it won’t have been just one or two people 😦

But that’s okay, they need to spend less on their Iphones and avocado toast.  Next thing to do is to figure out how to channel the gut response to that into an effective non-violent response…

and for the record, the Khan Academy video about averages is at  … happily, now it’s classified as “linear algebra” so that the fact that in his very first, intro video his second example requires algebra with variables and fractions is less jarring.

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