Workin’ on the grumps

Posted on May 17, 2017


… it’s easier when I can actually see the signs of “math stress.”   Not easy, but easier.   My task is to convince you to exercise the discipline of doing the steps instead of trying to get the problem over with as quickly as possible with the strategies that unfortunately probably worked for years… but now the problems are set up with special traps to make sure those strategies don’t work.

This is an example of Mathew Effect curricula.   If I dive into this stuff, I’m going to get most of it right.   The trap you set will be novel and I will do just like Jo Boaler says and “change my brain” because I made a mistake.

The person next to me will just be not understanding math, as usual.   Those misconceptions won’t be addressed.    Making a pledge to have a better attitude can end up being another imposterous layer of “you have to pretend, because they don’t understand that you can’t do this.”      We have to work on recognizing what understanding even is — and then expecting to get to it.


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