Different worlds

Posted on May 6, 2017


Once again I spent a chunk of Saturday at “makerspace urbana” and once again I was struck by the perceptions of folks in the University community.  When I mentioned what I did, the fellow who knew from electronics (though not enough to solve the problem) spoke of people he’d taught electrical stuff to who did not know from PEMDAS.   The art teacher wanted to know how in the world people could graduate from high school wihtout knowing math… I just said it was rampant.   The lady doing her braiding of things speculated that she’d probably had good teachers because she used things like fractions in her assorted crafts. Art teacher asked if it was folks with LDs who struggled… I talked about the hypothesis that basically too much had been shoved at them too soon and got some nods.  Art teacher also thought that doing things like were happening with her kid (or somebody she knew) probably would have helped her, and I said I thought some really good things were happening now.

It was still clear to me that  many folks with good schooling have no idea about the scores and scads of people who didn’t learn much at school for so many reasons.


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