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You asked…

May 22, 2017


From twitter: Seeing this everywhere across all grades. Anyone have ideas? #MTBoS #mathchat The replay speaks volumes — seems that person didn’t catch the mistake, either. I remember going through this tendency, and while I’m not a typical learner, it’s reasonable to presume that others might make the mistake. The square root operation is even […]


May 20, 2017


… morning ride rained out but there’s an afternoon “food cruise” scheduled.   As local weather goddess, I’m expecting a window of clarity — but I’ve never been as lucky with wind as I am with rain. Need to figure out how to do things on the computer where I have to do online without […]

Workin’ on the grumps

May 17, 2017


… it’s easier when I can actually see the signs of “math stress.”   Not easy, but easier.   My task is to convince you to exercise the discipline of doing the steps instead of trying to get the problem over with as quickly as possible with the strategies that unfortunately probably worked for years… […]

Breathe :)

May 16, 2017


Crunch time!   is the found page of those old lessons … and I’ve learned a thing or two about lessons since then, like … fewer words… and letting captions take care of people who can’t do the audio, and leave the screen for the lesson. (And, of course, don’t use the Microsoft ‘record […]


May 13, 2017


Almost tired like Friday when I was teaching.     Mainly ’cause of being last week of classes and … having several folks there with passing or failing a slim margin. Struggled w/ student who got locked into going through all the steps to calculate equation of best fit again and again… who could not […]

Different worlds

May 6, 2017


Once again I spent a chunk of Saturday at “makerspace urbana” and once again I was struck by the perceptions of folks in the University community.  When I mentioned what I did, the fellow who knew from electronics (though not enough to solve the problem) spoke of people he’d taught electrical stuff to who did […]

Getting it without inventing it

May 4, 2017


… another example:   our community chorus sang 2 challenging little ditties earlier this semester, with two other groups, so we didn’t have to carry them ourselves.   We can now, though. Wondering about the analogy between learning to sing or play “by ear,” and learning to read music.   When is it okay to be happy […]