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April 11, 2017


The little pieces of the pie are really motivating … but that also contributes to wanting to find the fastest way to devour them, as in “what’s the short cut.”   I’m thinking that even if there were awesome instructive conceptual presentations, I would be inclined to look for the tricks. (Once again feeling gratitude […]

That productive struggle thing

April 10, 2017


David Wees has gone and tweeted about it again, and I share his concern for the phrase. I think it just might be worth ceasing and desisting in trying to reduce the idea to words like struggle. I’ve seen non-productive struggle, LOTS of it.   These are the situations where yes, eventually the thing gets […]

well lit rabbit holes

April 9, 2017


Noon I ducked down to our local “Maker Space,” which has open hours ’til 1:00.   I’ve been going there for years whenever something’s weird with whatever version of my dynamo hub light I’m trying to get rolling. Long story short:   the person who knows how to take gadgets apart & put ’em together […]


April 6, 2017


We’re switching to the ALEKS assessment… and turns out anybody w/ a Parkland account could do it if you take the right steps and find the right links.  (It’s a “price per student,” which we pay, so the links are a *little* hard to find.) Parkland will have to pay for me ’cause I had […]

searching in vain

April 5, 2017


  HOW DID I DO THIS ???? It was “easy.”   This tutorial told me exactly how to do it. It was years ago. I don’t remember whether or not I made two squares and did embossing on the edges of the outer one ???  As in, did the math thing where you find the […]

Project details

April 4, 2017


… okay, the details — no, I don’t have a copy handy (and I didn’t write it). First, this is one of I think half a dozen “projects.”   They’re “the  blue sheets.”   It’s a routine 🙂 (reason 1 why it works better than just “a big homework sheet”) Students know that projects take some […]

Bunny Time

April 4, 2017


I love lots of the “illuminations” activities.  It actually, yes, has times tables practice with arrays showing the quantities… and it’s sequenced so that you are learning, not just practicing something that you’re already supposed to know. Except it’s a kid’s voice telling you all about the bunnies and the rows of carrots. It wouldn’t […]

visual model reducing fractions

April 3, 2017


Wondering if anybody’s tried this: I’ve seen showing the visual of pies and shapes cut into pieces to “show” equivalent fractions.  I’ve seen it not work.  I’ve almost always seen it fail to transfer. I wonder about using the “fractions of groups of whole things” idea, instead.   I’ve sometimes gotten the “click” when I […]