Saturday rain-in

Posted on April 29, 2017


Today’s plan:   9:00 a.m. “Saturday Saunter” (usually back by noon)… 2:30 “Try-athalon”  where we ride from Neutral Cycle to yoga, rock climbing and the assorted games and funstivities at Riggs Brewery (they have big ol’ outdoor area with Jenga & bag toss & that sort of thing… it’s a reasonably awesome venue).

It’s going to be either raining or pouring pretty much all day so:   need to figure out a way to get some elevated heart rate time besides those trips to the basement for laundry loads… and get that order of operations OER remix for the Designers for Learning MOOC wrapped up and delivered and shelved.

Link of the day:  

MOOC — DONE (basically).   If I get feedback I might do some more things but based on other things, I don’t think I’ll get any feedback.

FOUND:   the list of stuff I’m trying to have in my lesson

Structure that prepares people for tests….and actually using this stuff…

  • (explanattions of what that is and, perhaps, a path designed to consciously build independence)
  • try to replicate the effect that “you can skip Friday’s lecture if all the lessons are done and you aced the quiz”  per how it’s done in 060
  • Connecting Representations!
  • Routines for Reasoning
  • Really good study visuals that help with the previous things
  • Formative Quizzes
  • Link to external interactives
  • “Growth mindset” path (which is basically that first thing but trendier sounding).

Time to get out side!!   BReak in the rain…


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