Posted on April 28, 2017


Need to get away from twitter which has a mess of stuff from another open education summit.  Sour grapes.

I did the next two (now down to 16 lessons) ALEKS lessons … the figuring out angles and sides of a triangle with laws of cosines and sines.    Talk about exercises in precise attention to the calculator which have no apparent connection to anything in the real world.   I made myself thing about “what would this triangle look like?  One side’s a *lot* bigger, so  I can expect this angle to be over 90 degrees — that’s why the cosine would be negative” but I couldn’t defend trying to tell a student to do that.    Mainly I had to remember when I was clicking sin-1 and when I was clicking cos-1 and remembering all the factors.   Mainly it was symbol manipulation.

Next step is a “knowledge check”  — and yes, knowing this was coming inspired me to plug a few things into long term memory (like if 4^x = 5 then log5/log4 is what x is because… oh, I might reconstruct how to explain why on the ride home…)

But the real next step is to crank out the remix of the OER for adult ed, and then get back to programming kinds of things in the LMS.   The ride in this morning — 49 degrees, mist, but a tailwind — got enough endorphins (would have been more w/ headwind ;)) for high hopes 😉   Now back to it!

LOL   … not!   I was productive when I could be, but … a very busy Friday including “the writing lab closes at 2:00” influx.   Now to wrap the puter in waterproofing and putter home… hoping for a most productive weekend, though.   The big challenge:   conveying that with a quadratic equation there is more than one x and more than one y.

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