Posted on April 14, 2017


We’re singing it in choral union … but not the version imprinted in my memory.  It’s on Pete Seeger’s 1963 _We Shall Overcome_ live album without the words South Africa. I wondered what the lyrics mean — the title is onomatopoeia (yes, I can spell that — “on” then as if you were spelling “tomato” and then start spelling poem and end with -ia just like hyperlexia 😛 )   for the sound of trains such as the ones taking migrant miners to work, and conveys steadfastly powering forward… or “make way for the next man” — as in, what you have to do to pack people onto a train or a bus, which isn’t quite as inspiring .

… and more openings at Lumen Learning (none a good fit). I need to focus on here — then make contact about creative ways to collude.  Just colluded w/ my crafty math teacher friend who repaired my shekere … turns out her teacher son needs some stuff from Africa for a thing in May, so when I’m done using it for Tshotsholoza … it’s *amazing* what somebody can do when they know what they’re doing. It confirmed my decision to chat up my designer friend for visuals for the course. Experts are good things …

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