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Posted on April 13, 2017


Seems my “Mathia X Review” post has replaced my “forgot the magic pen” post as the one that keeps attracting traffic.  It was intentional – I tagged it — while the “magic pen” gets people looking for how to make a square root sign on the computer 😉

I also decided *not* to take the ALEKS “Knowledge Check” for a day or so, simply because I was told I had to take it within 24 hours and … that’s nuts in my opinion.  There was no warning that I’d be given this assignment so I couldn’t plan to make sure I had time to do it.  So I guess I’ll get to do all of those lessons all over again if I want to move forward.   Erm, that’s encouraging, right?  (Okay, I’m curious as to what the consequences will be, too.)

So, since it’s nuts, I elected to skip it.  I’m sure they’re collecting data about who does what at ALEKS and let’s have this high level student not do that part and maybe even just fall off the train and … never actually take the ‘proctored assessment.’  (By the way, all I need to take the thing is a password.  I wonder if that’s a new one for each student or… something I could memorize because I’m good with that sort of thing.  I don’t expect to actually go down and do the proctored thing, though.)

Well, except I *did* click through to log on.   So, if all I have to do is *start* the thing in 24 hours… we’ll see!

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