The power of motor memory

Posted on April 12, 2017


Changing 8 percent to a decimal… it’s .0008, right?  You take 0.08 and divide it by 100.

I thought the “do it once, not twice” would work but then… “Move the decimal two places” with a very, very, very careful and explicit Placing Of The Point, explaining that 8 dollars is not the same as 80 cents…. yes, we got this.  We got this.

Okay, do it.

The number is written 8.  (I think:   now it’s 8.0 but I think I added that.)   The student looked at it, wrote another dot before the 8, and moved it twice. 0.008, indeed.

I *think* adding the 0 will ameliorate…

(These are smart people in college — getting good grades — with hard-to-unlearn habits…)

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