Posted on April 11, 2017


The little pieces of the pie are really motivating … but that also contributes to wanting to find the fastest way to devour them, as in “what’s the short cut.”   I’m thinking that even if there were awesome instructive conceptual presentations, I would be inclined to look for the tricks. (Once again feeling gratitude for my unusual math class experiences that didn’t send me that way.)  All the “growth mindset” in the world would still have me “growing” like junk trees, with a lousy root system.  Tulip poplars and hackberries… grow fast and blow down or break easily.

I wonder if the “Math mindset” is geared up for that issue.   I fear that it’ll be the privileged who get the “number talks” and conceptual grounding, and that it will be considered appropriate remediation for those who actually need MORE of that… to do more procedural drill, so that later on they’ll clearly be people who don’t grasp those concepts so they need practice in the basics….

… and finding the file I made *yesterday* about face and place value… grr…

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