well lit rabbit holes

Posted on April 9, 2017


Noon I ducked down to our local “Maker Space,” which has open hours ’til 1:00.   I’ve been going there for years whenever something’s weird with whatever version of my dynamo hub light I’m trying to get rolling.

Long story short:   the person who knows how to take gadgets apart & put ’em together was coming for the 1:00 thing, which seems to be an open Python and things like that session.   Facilitator is a person who teaches Python to people in Information Science grad students who are “non-STEM,” and, she says, often phobic about math as soon as it turns into “x=” something so she has found other ways.   It was interesting to hear conversations among people in the University community.

It also took ’til 4:00 to figure it all out and get it back together and get it charged and… now I have to find the right thingy to put it on the bike, and no I didn’t so much as *touch* the tech project.

This a.m. I discover a tweet talking about David Wiley of Lumen Learning’s latest blog which talks about people using “open” in ways that aren’t open enough…we need those 5Rs…  oh, and the comments are closed. Nothing ironic there, is there?  The comments and tweets on blogs about that blog make me realize again what a tight-knit group these guys are (lots of insider references).  (My opinion:  if you’re going to want a certain definition for a term, then don’t give the term a name like “open.”   Hello?   It already has a ton of meanings and interpretations. Name it after somebody, maybe… )

It’s time to do some courage-seeking …



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