Posted on April 6, 2017


We’re switching to the ALEKS assessment… and turns out anybody w/ a Parkland account could do it if you take the right steps and find the right links.  (It’s a “price per student,” which we pay, so the links are a *little* hard to find.)

Parkland will have to pay for me ’cause I had already gone in and taken it.   You kinda need to know from algebra to get to the hard questions. I am pretty sure it would be hard to memorize without concepts and get stuff, especially since they did things like make sure one of the solutions for the “binomials in the denominator” problems wasn’t really a solution ’cause it would divide by zero… once you’re in trig land, though, I could totally see how memorizing 10 formulae could propel you out of a whole course. That sine rule for finding sides and angles — you don’t need to understand what a sine is or anything.  Log rules — one of the questions was a “what does it mean?” question and the other was “apply the rule,” which I didn’t remember.   Give me a week to cram the 10 things I didn’t remember in there — and I’d be dumped in ‘way over my head… oops, that’s assuming I couldn’t just memorize my way through the course 😉

They’ve already paid for me so… yea, I’m gonna go back and review that stuff, and the cool thing is I bet I could google “why does the sine rule work?”  and some nerd will have splained it in Desmos or Geogebra 🙂   And this person who struggles to hold visuals in the brain will have it all visualized (neatly!  With straight lines and everything!!)  in front of me!

(And yes, tomorrow I have to block out an hour for Nothing But Making That Class…)

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