searching in vain

Posted on April 5, 2017


pinkThree  HOW DID I DO THIS ????

It was “easy.”   This tutorial told me exactly how to do it. It was years ago. I don’t remember whether or not I made two squares and did embossing on the edges of the outer one ???  As in, did the math thing where you find the area of the ring around it by taking big minus little?   Then take that layer and “emboss up” and lay it on top of the plain one?

I hate this part of learning — when there is something big to do, and you decide you’re stuck and should try something different, only you get another idea 😛   I’ll give it half an hour…

… and that wasn’t enough.   I just drew lines on the thing instead, for now.


… I need the content with the visuals, even if it’s not the best in the visuals.   If 10K lands in my lap I’ll see if my awesomely talented graphic design friend could help out…

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